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Hello Everyone,

This is just a brief word of welcome for everyone who has opted to check this page out. This is a forum/session-manager page for the discussion which I hope will take place regularly from now on. I also hope that everyone participates actively in the group sessions.

Basically, the sessions are as of now planned to be informal meetings to discuss any topic of interest. As it stands of now, we are not planning on having a formal seminar/colloquium session. I hope we can regularize this once we find the enthusiasm levels in the people as this is an endeavor which depends on the participation and interest that we show.

The invitations have already been posted out to all the people on the list. Anyone else who are interested are certainly invited and encouraged. I have moderated the site as of now. Let's see how it progresses and probably if it turns out to be a success, we can request for a page under tifr domain itself probably, though we might miss the ease of wiki :)

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